双语| Dr. Simon Heck has been appointed as the Director General of CIP

7 February 2023, Lima, Peru – The International Potato Center (CIP) Board of Trustees and CGIAR leadership have appointed Dr. Simon Heck as Director General of CIP and CGIAR Senior Director.

2023年2月7日,秘鲁利马 – 国际马铃薯中心(CIP)董事会和CGIAR领导任命Simon Heck博士为CIP总干事和CGIAR高级总监。

Dr. Heck is widely recognized as a leader of successful international multi-stakeholder research-for-development programs focused on improving food and nutrition security, breeding climate-smart crops, and fostering inclusive value chains. Dr. Heck has led the scaling of CIP’s work on sweetpotato biofortification, which has reached more than seven million households across Africa and South Asia. He is currently CIP’s Director of the Sweetpotato Agri-food System Program and Lead of the CGIAR Initiative on Resilient Cities.


Dr. Heck said: “It is an honor to be named Director General of CIP, whose collaboration with national partners has enabled millions of farmers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to improve their income and support their families’ well-being with potato and sweetpotato. I’m excited to take on this leadership role within CGIAR, the world’s largest research-for-development organization, and to collaborate with people across and beyond CGIAR to develop solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.”


An anthropologist by training, Dr. Heck joined CIP in 2012 as Deputy Manager for Sweetpotato in Africa Program, where he led the UK-funded Scaling-Up Sweetpotato through Agriculture and Nutrition (SUSTAIN) project, which partnered with a broad array of government and non-profit organizations to help more than two million people in six African countries improve their food production and diet diversity. He previously worked with WorldFish, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and the UK’s Department for International Development.


Dr. Helen Hambly, Chair of CIP’s Board of Trustees, said: “In his decade with CIP, coordinating multi-stakeholder partnerships and delivering innovations and improvements for vulnerable rural and urban communities in Africa and Asia, Dr. Heck has proven his ability to foster more productive, gender-responsive, and equitable food systems. Dr. Heck’s experience and research expertise, including in the important area of innovation in urban food systems, makes him the right person to lead CIP as we respond to growing global demand for the nutritional outcomes, productivity, and resilience of potato and sweetpotato agri-food systems, collaborating with other CGIAR Centers to deliver high-impact programs that tackle complex problems.”

CIP董事会主席Helen Hambly博士表示:“在他加入CIP的十年中,Heck博士协调了多方利益相关方的合作伙伴关系,并为非洲和亚洲的弱势农村和城市社区提供了创新和改进,实现了更具生产力、性别反应和公平的食品系统。 Heck博士在创新城市食品系统等重要领域的经验和研究专业知识使他成为领导CIP的合适人选,因为我们应对不断增长的全球需求,需要更具有生产力、性别反应和公平的马铃薯和甘薯农业食品系统的营养成果、生产力和韧性,与CGIAR其他中心合作,提供解决复杂问题的高影响力计划。”

In his new role, Dr. Heck will focus on expanding CIP’s proven track record of leadership in high-impact research in genetic innovation, and on delivery models along the commodity supply chain from farm to fork. This will involve supporting excellence in breeding in national crop improvement programs, strengthening the climate resilience of key agri-food production systems, and promoting market innovations to improve incomes, jobs, and access to heathy diets for marginalized rural and urban communities. Dr. Heck will also serve as a CGIAR Senior Director and member of CGIAR’s Senior Leadership Team.

在他的新角色中,Heck博士将重点扩大CIP在遗传创新研究方面的领导地位,以及从农场到餐桌的商品供应链中的交付模型。这将涉及支持国家作物改良计划中优良品种的繁育、加强关键农业食品生产系统的气候韧性,并促进市场创新以提高边缘化农村和城市社区的收入、就业和健康饮食的机会。 Heck博士还将担任CGIAR高级总监和CGIAR高级领导团队成员。

According to Dr. Claudia Sadoff, CGIAR’s Executive Managing Director: “Dr. Heck’s appointment, as with other recent CGIAR leadership appointments, supports our focus on developing and scaling innovations that improve lives and livelihoods across the global South. His abilities as a researcher and manager dedicated to science that benefits people and the planet will be a valuable addition to our leadership team as we work to increase the visibility and impact of CGIAR and our Centers.”

根据CGIAR执行董事Claudia Sadoff博士的说法:“Heck博士的任命,就像CGIAR其他最近的领导层任命一样,支持我们专注于开发和推广改善全球南方人民生活和生计的创新。他作为一个致力于造福人类和地球的研究员和管理者的能力,将成为我们领导团队的宝贵补充,因为我们努力提高CGIAR及其中心的能见度和影响力。”

Dr. Heck will assume the new role on 1 March 2023. He will take over from Dr. Oscar Ortiz, CIP’s current Director General ad interim. Dr. Ortiz continues in his other current role as CGIAR Senior Director, Crop-based Systems.

Heck博士将于2023年3月1日开始担任新职务。他将接替现任代理总干事Oscar Ortiz博士。Ortiz博士将继续担任他的另一个现任职务,即CGIAR 作物系统高级总监。